Want to Perform at the 2020 Fort Wayne Music Festival?

Want to perform live with national touring acts at the 2022 Fort Wayne Music Festival? Cool, We want to see you! Submit your information and pay the $20 submission fee. We will review your submission and several local acts will be chosen to perform live on stage with our 2022 lineup! We look forward to hearing from you!

Whats the $20 for?

We get a lot of submissions from all over the country at all levels of talent, but most of them weren’t ready to perform which made this much harder than it needed to be. In order to weed out the flakey submissions, we put a small fee to discourage bad submissions. It worked awesomely, and our numbers went way down and our quality of submission was much better. If you are a musician with talent, then submit your act and we will contact the ones chosen by our team. There is nothing to give an act an edge over another act so submit your music and if our talent team likes your music and thinks you would be a good fit, then we will be in touch.